Privacy Policy

This policy defines and describes the data we process.

In order for the service and application to work, it is necessary to process the various data used and recorded by the application. 

You can delete any data you use in the app's intended feature.

We permanently strive to prevent any misuse of data through various limitations and additional controls we develop.

What kind of data do we collect?


Email is used to sign-in and create your account, and frequently receive updates about AWSMBOX terms of use, or other information related to our service.

Photo albums

- Photos you choose to use with the app will be uploaded and available for preview through your shared content to other profiles you are linked to.

Camera device

- Photos you choose to use with the app will be uploaded and available for preview through your shared content to other profiles you are linked to.

Geo location service

- If a place you are looking for is near your current location, this will help you to quickly find it and save it to your post, otherwise, it will default to Roma, Italy as a starting point.

Direct messages

Awsmbox treats direct messaging as a private conversation, and we do not have any intetion to use them in any way, ever. We will keep your messages up to 3 months, after that they will be automatically deleted.

Google Analytics and Firebase

Awsmbox uses a data analysis service called Google Analytics, both in the mobile app and its website, which is provided by Google Inc. based in Mountain View, California, USA. Using Google Analytics allows us to view data about application usage. Such information is used exclusively for statistical purposes in order to adapt our app and the website itself to the needs of users.

Ads and remarketing

We don't show ads and don't use remarketing services for marketing & advertising purposes.

Types of data to be collected:

•Data and content you enter

Information and content you enter when registering a user account and using the app, including postings and various messages, and types of communications with others, and information related to posts

•Our app allows you to use content from other internet platforms and applications, and your consent to use data to these platforms also applies to the AWSMBOX so that it can work and enable you to use it.      

•Networks and connections.

Information that is required to use the app that you use to connect to others, relating to the people, pages, user accounts, characters, and groups you are associated with, and how to interact with them


•Your use.

Information about means, time, duration, browsing, app usage history.

•Other people's activities and information about you that they provide.

We also receive and analyze content, communications and data that other people provide when they use our products. This may include information about you as when others share or comment on your post, send you a message, or convey it.

•Device information

Information from computers, phones, and other internet-connected devices that you use and are integrated with and combine information from your computer, phone, and other devices that you use.

The information we obtain from these devices includes:

•Device properties: Information such as operating system, hardware and software versions, device manufacturer, device model, operating system name, operating system version, language name

•Device settings data: Information you allow us to receive through the device settings you turn on, such as access to your GPS location if you allow it as a user, camera or photos.

Why do we collect and how do we use this information?

•Personalize and improve our products.

•Make your experience better by targeting people or profiles that might be of interest to you, automatically filling in personal information. We improve the application by testing and eliminating errors. According to the needs, we help users measure the effectiveness of publishing their content and understanding the interests of the target groups they are interested in. We improve the use of the application by increasing the protection of the use of the application, preventing unwanted and harmful content and preserving the morally ethical communication of us and our users. Therefore, we improve all types of communication with you as a user.

•Common good

The data may be used for research, analytical purposes to contribute to the advancement of general social interests.

How is data shared?

By defaullt Your content is visible to all profiles you link with. If any of those profiles share your posts either on their profiles or other social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp,...) in that case shared posts will be publicly available on our website for full preview.

If you decide to set your profile as public then your content will be visible to any Awsmbox profile.

Any post that you consider as bad content please report at: or directly through the app user interface.

Information about your active status

People in your networks can see information through a signal telling them when you posted something.

Handling owner change

If ownership or control of all or part of our products or their features changes, we may transfer your information to the new owner.

Data is in usage in a strictly controlled way for analysis, statistical calculations and reporting purposes. Mainly for the purpose of understanding user behavior in order to achieve the best possible use of the application.

What is the legal basis for our data processing?

We collect, use and share the information we have in the ways described above in accordance with:

•terms of service

•with your consent, which you can revoke at any time through the settings

•as necessary to comply with our legal obligations

•to protect your key interests or the key interests of other

•the necessary requirements of the public interest and

•necessary to the requirements of our (or someone else's) legitimate interests, including our interests in providing innovative, personalised, secure and profitable service to our users, unless your interests or fundamental rights require the protection of personal data take precedence over those interests.

How can you exercise your GDPR rights?

Under the data protection regulation, you have the right to access and correct, transfer and delete your data.

You also have the right to object and restrict certain processing of your data.

Profile verification

All verified profiles by Awsmbox will get a badge with shield icon that signifies credibility of a person or a company which stands behind the profile. If you would like to have this badge please contact us at

Data retention, deactivation, and deletion of a user account

If you decide to delete your account you can do it by requesting account delete. Deletion will be scheduled and data will be purged in the span of 30 days, if you decide to keep your account you will need to sign-in back before 30 days have passed.

We store data until it is no longer necessary to provide ours or until your account is deleted – depending on what happens earlier.

When you delete your account, we delete the content you posted, such as your posts, and you will no longer be able to access this information later.

If you don't want to delete your account, but only temporarily stop using the products, you can deactivate your account instead.

How do we respond to legal claims or prevent damages?

We access, keep and share your data with regulatory authorities, police or others:

•Due to a legitimate legal claim that we have reason to believe is legally founded.

•If we are convinced that this is necessary to reduce damage to anyone or eliminate the danger,

•As part of investigations or analyses or to prevent death or imminent bodily injury.

We may access and keep the information we have received about you during the period necessary to meet the legal requirement or obligation, the investigation of the competent government authorities, and possible violations of our terms or policies or for other reasons, all to prevent damages. Data may also be retained to prevent recurrence of abuse or other violation of the terms.

How do we operate and transfer data as part of our global services?

We share information with whom you as a user connect and share content in accordance with this policy. The data will be stored and processed by the owner of the application for the purposes described in these rules and conditions. Data transfers are carried out for the purpose of providing services and business. Everything takes place in accordance with the usual standards and clauses approved by the European Commission.  For other countries, we align our work as necessary and possible according to the usual practices in these countries.

How will we notify you of the rule changes?

We will notify you of changes to these policies before and will give you the opportunity to review the amended policies before choosing whether to continue using our products.

Contact us at the email of our data protection service or file a complaint if you deem it necessary.