Terms of Service

AWSMBOX develops technologies and services that enable users to connect with each other, launch various projects, take social actions and set up companies.


We strive to enable others to present their stories to the public in a special creative and unprecedented way. Our mission is to contribute to faster and more efficient empowerment of individuals, social projects, companies.... to improve their lives and their business, connect and build communities through the first impression of diverse creative representation and contribute to the values they cherish.

The services we offer to accomplish this mission:

Individual personal access to the app and app user to other user.

Connecting with individuals and communities of your interest.

A creative and diverse presentation of your story.

Constantly improving technological opportunities to express themselves as creatively as they can, finding individuals and communities of your interest.

Care for moral, safe and functional use.

We use and develop advanced technologies to provide safe and functional services to everyone.

Your obligations to AWSMBOX

We provide these services to you and others to contribute to accomplishing our mission. In return, we ask users to respect the following:

The moral, safe and functional use of the application is a value we want to develop. That's why it's important for us that you're aware that the app can't be used if you're:

•under the age of 12,

•convicted of committing a crime that prevents imprisonment for more than 5 years,

•your account has been disabled due to violation of our terms or policies,

•for any reason under current regulations.

It is expressly prohibit violate any of the app's terms of use, publication of any content that is illegal, false, offensive, pornographic, violate anyone's intellectual property rights and use of malicious or automated programs.

We reserve the right to remove or block content that violates any of the terms or conditions of which you will be informed as well as the possibility to provide justification for such disclosure.

In case of serious violation of Terms we may permanently prohibit the use of the application.

All users can report content, in any way, inappropriate or harmful to the current AWSMBOX contact:

Permissions you give us

We need permissions to be able to provide our services and you to use the app.

The permissions you give us at the beginning of using the app are:

By publishing or sharing content, you give us permission that the content you create and share especially in terms of intellectual property rights can be used and processed for the sole purpose of enabling the provision of the best services. Permission is space-time unlimited and non-exclusive for content to be stored, copied, and shared with others in accordance with the settings you have chosen in the app. Permission (so-called license) expires when an account is deactivated / erased.

Delete content

When you delete content, other users no longer see it, but it may still exist when:

In any case, the permissions are valid until the content is deleted.

Awsmbox connects parties who have the same interests you give us permission to use your profile name, profile image and other data.

In order for the app to work, you also give us permission to update the program and install new features.

Using our content

In the case of the use of the content we make available (images, videos or sounds and other) over which intellectual property rights exist, these rights are still retained. In case you wish to use and link to our trademark, logo, and other specific features of the AWSMBOX to suggest a link, you can only do so in accordance with the regulations.

For any use of our original program, code or the like, it is necessary to obtain written permission from us.

Additional provisions

Changes to the rules and conditions listed here

As services are constantly being improved, periodic changes to the terms set out here are possible. In order to improve the provision of the service, ways of communicating with users are also constantly evolving.

You can always learn about amendments because they are publicly available and will be informed through messages that usually inform users.

If you continue to use the app, you will be deemed to agree. Otherwise, you cease to be a user and the content is deleted.

Suspend or terminate a user account

In case of violations of the rules and conditions, we may suspend or permanently disable access to your account or the user account itself.

If this occurs, you will be informed of what has been taken as well as the actions you have at your disposal.

When you delete your account or we disable it, Terms of service cease to apply other than those, that according to the regulations continue to oblige you to respect various rights.

Limitations of liability

In all our actions we act with the care of a good businessman and do not take responsibility for damages that are not caused by us unequivocally violating these terms.


If there is a dispute with the user, you agree that any request should be resolved at the competent court in the country and city where the AWSMBOX owner is based (residence).


All products offered on our application should comply with all applicable regulations as well as our policies and terms.

It is forbidden for users to offer and advertise products through the app that:

1. violate regulations or our Terms of service,

2. have indecent, rude or pornographic content or offer such services,

3. promote strong alcohol,

4. contain parts of the human body,

6. in any way encourage the commission of offences or criminal acts,

7. promote discrimination,

8. serve or are associated with gambling,

9. are dangerous to use,

10. are in the field of medicine and health,

11. mislead,

12. do not exist for sale,

13. are associated with opiates,

14. have been withdrawn from the market for any reason,

15. were stolen,

16. harm holders of intellectual property rights, in particular copies,

17. offer tobacco and tobacco accessories,

18. offer weapons, ammunition and explosive devices.